Cancer treatment praised

Four of our region's Hospital Trusts are included in a national list of the top ten most improved trusts for their treatment of cancer patients.

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Cancer treatment among the best

Cancer patients in the South are having their say on how hospital trusts can improve their care. The results of a new survey show overall treatment has improved with on average eighty-eight percent of patients rating their care as very good or excellent.

But there were areas which scored low such as people being offered a written care plan. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced the findings of the survey during a visit to Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra Hospital - it came out of it as the most improved trust in the country.

Portsmouth reaction to being in top ten 'most improved' NHS Trusts for cancer care

The Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth

The Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has been rated as one of Britain's top ten most improved hospital trusts for cancer patient care in a national survey of 70,000 patients.

Medical Director Simon Holmes, himself a former cancer surgeon said: "We are absolutely delighted that Portsmouth has emerged so well from this cancer patient experience survey and made such huge improvements.".

Consultant breast surgeon Mr Constantinos Yiangou & colleague

Consultant breast surgeon Mr Constantinos Yiangou, Chief of Surgery & Cancer at the Queen Alexandra Hospital said:

"Over the years we have created a unit offering the latest treatments and we're very pleased that so many patients are happy with our service...

"But our service is not just about offering patients the latest treatments. To me the attitude of our staff is also very important. We have an outstanding team."

Four of the South's NHS Trusts in top 10 for most improved care for cancer patients

Four of our region's Hospital Trusts are included in a list of the top ten most improved trusts for their treatment of cancer patients in the country. The revelation comes in the second national cancer patient experience survey. Seventy thousand people took part.

The Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust, the East Kent University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Medway NHS Foundation Trust were all in the top ten most improved organisations.

The announcement was made by the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley at Portsmouth's Queen Alexandra Hospital.

*"We want an NHS which puts patients at the heart of everything, with a focus on the outcomes which matter most to people. This survey shows we are heading in the right direction. *

*"An improved patient experience for cancer patients is fantastic news and I would like to thank those doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly to improve standards of care. *

** ***"Where Trusts are doing less well, I would urge them to look at what patients are telling them and take action so that cancer care best practice is adopted across the whole of the NHS." *

– Andrew Lansley MP, Secretary of State for Health
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