Police criticised at Pride

Thousands flock to Brighton for the city's most colourful festival

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Sussex Police respond to criticism of their policing tactics at Brighton Pride

Brighton Pride event Credit: PA

Sussex Police have been criticised for their policing tactics while managing the crowds at Brighton Pride yesterday.

Tens of thousands of revellers enjoyed the 20th anniversary festivities in the city centre yesterday.

Brighton and Hove Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett said:

"I'm aware that there has been a lot of social media talk around the actions of officers who were heading up the back of the parade along with the mounted Thames Valley officers.

Police officers have always walked at the back in order to distinguish the parade from the rest of the public and to safely manage the parade through the streets to it's destination in Preston Park and to make sure there is a safe distance between the horses and members of the public.

"Those taking part in the parade register with the Pride organisers beforehand and the police assist them in keeping the parade moving and helping prevent it becoming larger and thus less manageable."



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