Fawley Power Station to close

Fawley Power Station is to close in March 2013 after 41 years. It had been due to close in December 2015 at the latest.

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Fawley Power Station closing after 41 years

Just in: Fawley Power Station is closing in March 2013 after 41 years. It had been due to close in 2015. During its lifetime the power station has provided electricity for millions of homes and businesses across Britain.

Fawley is opted out of the EU Large Combustion Plant Directive, aimed at reducing emissions across Europe, and was therefore required to cease generation by the end of December 2015 at the latest. Due to current market conditions the main units will now close earlier than predicted.

The closure of Fawley reflects the changing shape of power generation in the UK, with modern lower carbon power generation replacing older, less efficient power stations. The future of the site has yet to be decided.


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