Chocolate reward to find cat

Chocolatiers Dawn and Railton Elliott from Whitney in Oxfordshire are offering anyone who can help find their cat Omar a lifetime supply of the sweet stuff.

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Lifetime's supply of chocolate offered as reward

Chocolate shop owners Dawn and Railton Elliot are offering a lifetime's supply of chocolate to anyone who can help them find their missing pet Omar Sharif.

He is a very unique cat as the couple fell in love with him during a trip to Egypt. They spent more than £6,000 flying him back to the UK and putting him through quarantine.

But a year after settling into his new home in Whitney, Omar Sharif has disappeared.

Please help us find Omar Sharif?

Omar Sharif relaxing at home in Whitney Credit: Dawn and Railton Elliott

Cat lovers Dawn and Railton Elliott will give anyone who can help them find their pet cat Omar Sharif a lifetime's supply of chocolate. The couple from Whitney own a chocolate company and hope that the unique reward will return their shy pet to them.

Omar Sharif enjoys a belly rub Credit: Dawn and Railton Elliott
Omar Sharif relaxes on the sofa Credit: Dawn and Railton Elliott


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