Tory conference: South's issues

The Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has been discussing the so-called 'Boris Island' and the proposed HS2 rail link at the Conservative Party Conference.

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MP welcomes £4.2m transport project at Bisham

Theresa May MP welcomes new infrastructure Credit: MP's website

The MP for Maidenhead Theresa May has welcomed the Transport Secretary's announcement of new investment in the A404 at Bisham. The Government has approved a scheme costing £4.2m to alleviate congestion on the road. It would see the Bisham roundabout being converted to a crossroads with signals.

The MP, who is also the Home Secretary said: “This is very welcome news and will help to tackle congestion on the A404 at Bisham, which is a constant source of frustration to local residents. The Government is right to invest in infrastructure and to support our vital transport links.”

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Tory Conference: Transport Secretary talks 'Boris Island' & HS2

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the Tory Conference "Boris wants an island - I want an answer". He was talking about the Government's decision to set up an independent commission to look at the future of aviation. He said nothing is ruled out.

He also repeated the Government's commitment to HS2. He said the best technology would be used to minimise the environmental impact and said people living on the route would be "compensated properly."

The Transport Secretary insisted the line would eventually help to bring rail journey times from Scotland to London to 3 hours.

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