Sex attack by BMX teenager

Police are seeking a man who carried out a sexual assault on a young woman in an Eastbourne street.

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Police seek BMX rider after sex attack

Police say they are hunting for a man who carried out a sexual assault on a young woman in Eastbourne.

On Thursday, at about 8.40pm, the local woman was walking home from work along St Philips Avenue when she stopped and sat on a wall outside the electricity sub-station to make a phone call.

While there, she was approached four times by a young man on a BMX-style cycle, who threatened her and then carried out a sexual assault, before eventually riding away.

Nothing was stolen and the victim did not require medical treatment. Police say they are looking for witnesses to come forward.

The suspect is described as tanned, about 17, with dark hair and a fringe across his face. He was wearing a red black and grey checked hooded top.

Officers say they are not linking the attack with three similar assualts in the town during September, but the "possibility is being borne in mind".

This incident, like the other three, did not result in injury, but it was very frightening for the victim, and isolated offenders of this type need to be caught as soon as possible."

– Det Sgnt Gavin Patch
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