Soldier's photos of the front line

A major new exhibition in Aldershot shows what life is like on the front line in Afghanistan through the eyes of TA reservist Major Paul Smyth.

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New exhibition shows front line life

Heading back to base as the sun sets in Helmand Credit: Major Paul Smyth

A new exhibition at the Aldershot Military Museum provides a unique glimpse of life on the front line in Afghanistan.

"Shooting on the front line: one soldier’s war in Afghanistan" showcases the work of TA reservist Major Paul Smyth.

The show runs from 8th Oct 2012 – 9th Dec 2012.

‘Contact, wait out,’ Major Ed Hill (front right) radioing details of a firefight with insurgents back to headquarters. Credit: Major Paul Smyth
An RAF Chinook kicking up dust as it lands. Credit: Major Paul Smyth
Whatever the language, a smile says it all. Credit: Major Paul Smyth
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