Ferry protests over wages

Union members are expected to hold a protest in Portsmouth later over working practices for ferry workers at Condor Ferries.

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Union to stage protest over ferry worker wages

A protest will be held in Portsmouth later against working practices at Condor Ferries. The RMT Union says some workers from the Ukraine are paid £2.35 an hour. The union says that amounts to 'poverty wages'. However the ferry firm says it abides by employment law.

"Condor Ferries respects the right of RMT members to protest in a peaceful and nondisruptive manner.

"However, we do not agree with their point of view. Condor Ferries is a diligent and concerned employer and we take care that all our employees are trained to the highest standards, work in safe conditions and receive competitive wages.

"90% of our crew are from the EU and paid accordingly, however a small minority of crew who live aboard our conventional freight ferries are recruited from Ukraine - a highly regarded seafaring nation.

The rate of pay referred to only applies to 14 entry level crew members and we are concerned that the situation is being distorted for political reasons.

"The pay, terms and conditions for all employees meet or exceed all the requirements of international employment regulations and worker protection, and many crew members return to work year after year, in preference to other employment opportunities.

– Condor Ferries spokesperson
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