Unsung jazz genius remembered

Jazz saxophonist Joe Harriott was a trailblazer in the 1960s. Now his work is reaching a wider audience as part of Black History Month.

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Joe Harriott's music now reaches wider audience

The history of music is full of talented people, who never had the recognition they deserved during their lifetimes. That's especially true for black musicians, among them jazz saxophonist Joe Harriott. He died, destitute, in Southampton, in 1973.

He'd been a trail-blazer in the 1960s and now, as part of Black History month, he's finally being brought to a wider audience. Rachel Hepworth joined fans and friends of Joe who gathered at his graveside to pay tribute.

She spoke to his biographer Stella Muirhead; Southampton's Black History co-ordinator Don John; and those who knew him including Concorde Club owner Cole Mathieson, and Marilyn Layton, who nursed Joe in his final weeks.

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