Southampton jobs to go at Ford

There are concerns over the future of the Ford plant in Southampton because of the closure of a factory in Belgium.

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BREAKING NEWS: Job losses voluntary at Ford

Job losses through the expected closure of the Ford Transit van factory in Southampton are set to be voluntary, according to sources.

Union leaders were locked in a meeting with the company to hear details of the future of the plant, which employs more than 500 workers.

Union officials said it was a "very worrying time" for the employees at the site, which has been making Transit vans since 1972.

It follows news that a plant in Degenham could also close, with a combined loss of 1,500 jobs.


Southampton workers speak about job fears

ITV Daybreak's Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford has been speaking to workers at the Ford factory in Southampton as they await news on the possible closure of the site.

The potential loss of 500 jobs comes as official figures are expected to confirm that the UK economy has pulled out of recession.


#Ford worker in Southampton tells me that 7 weeks ago he thought jobs were toast. 4 weeks ago led to believe they were safe for 10 years.


Eloquent #Ford worker tells me he fears for future generations. Says population is growing, but all big companies are shifting jobs abroad


Unite statement on Ford jobs

Unite, which represents most of the employees at Ford's Southampton plant, has said it is a "very worrying time" for workers. "We are currently working hard to get clarity about Ford's plans." The union refused to comment any further ahead of tomorrow's announcement about the plant's future.

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