Police election candidates

The six candidates wanting to be Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight have been putting forward their cases, ahead of this Thursday's election.

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Who'll be in, who'll be out in the 'invisible election'?

Elections tomorrow, across Kent, Essex, and Sussex, could go into the record books. Some experts believe it could be the lowest turnout ever in electoral history.

And yet - it's for the men and women who will oversee our police forces - the Police & Crime Commissioners. Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby reports from Sussex on what's been called "the invisible election".

Police elections - who will win, and who will vote?

It's election day tomorrow - your chance to elect a new Police and Crime Commissioner who'll oversee the work of your local police force.

But already there are predictions of a very low turn-out. So what will the new commissioners do? And should more of us be tempted to go out and vote tomorrow?

Phil Hornby speaks to Gary Shipton, from the West Sussex County Times, Nigel Farage MEP,UKIP leader, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Simon hughes, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats.


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