Why was the turnout so low?

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Voter turnout - how do the regions compare?

Votes being counted in the Thames Valley, where as few as 10.9% voted in some areas. Credit: Kate Bunkall

Voter turnout has been low across the whole of the Meridian region for the police and crime commissioner elections, with as few as 10% going to the polls in some places.

In Wiltshire, the first force area to declare a result, the overall turnout was 15.8% as Tory candidate Angus Macpherson, a magistrate, won after a second round of voting ahead of Labour's Clare Moody.

But in parts of the region the turnout has been much lower.

Voter turnout in Thames Valley was 13.3% with 226,512 people going to the polls. Currently, Conservative candidate, Anthony Stansfeld, is in the lead.

In Oxford only 10.9% of people decided to vote.

The turnout figures for Hampshire show as few as 15% on average are voting, the lowest poll in Gosport with 11.5%.

195,218 total votes have been cast in Sussex - a turnout of 15.82%.

Kent fairs a little better, though only 16.3% of eligible people have voted. Tunbridge Wells scores the highest attendence with 18%.


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