Call for alarms after gas death

The family of a newlywed who died from gas poisoning is calling for carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted in all homes. Katie Haines was overcome by fumes from a leaking boiler at her home in Wokingham two years ago.

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A father's campaign in memory of his daughter

A man whose daughter died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning is today calling on the Government to make detectors compulsory. Katie Haines from Wokingham died in 2010 shortly after her honeymoon.

Her father, Gordon, set up a trust in her memory to raise awareness of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning which kills 40 people a year.


Get your boilers checked - a warning from the HPA

To mark the start of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, the Health Protection Agency is advising peopleto have their fossil fuel and wood burning appliances – such as boilers,heaters and cookers – checked by an appropriately registered engineerbefore the winter sets in.

The latest figures show that there are around 40 accidental deaths a year from carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales

Many of these deaths take place between Novemberand February due to faulty fossil fuel and wood burning appliances, and aretherefore preventable. To lower the risk, people should ensure thattheir fossil fuel and wood burning appliances are regularly checked by anappropriately registered engineer. The HPA recommends that people have theseappliances and their flues checked before the start of winter. Rooms in whichappliances are used must also be adequately ventilated.

– Dr John Harrison, Health Protection Agency

Father campaigns for change in law

The father of a newlywed who died from carbon monoxide poisoning is campaigning for a change in the law. Katie Haines was at her home in Wokingham when it happened two years ago. Her father wants to make it compulsory for all houses to have detectors.

The family have released this campaign video to raise awareness.

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