Rock fans suffer 'fake tickets'

We're getting reports from viewers that a "fake ticket scam" caused major problems at concert by Munford and Sons at the Guildhall, Portsmouth, last night.

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Police confirm 'ticket scam' investigation

Music fans have been turned away from a Mumford & Sons concert after being sold fake tickets costing up to £300 each.

Long queues formed outside the Portsmouth Guildhall as staff, alerted to the possible forgeries, carefully checked tickets when people arrived for last night's show.

Many of the fake tickets, which had been sold by third-party vendors using ticket sale websites, had been purchased for more than ten times their face value of £23.50.

The 240 disappointed fans who were turned away included many who had travelled from across the south of England as well as some who had reportedly travelled from America to see the band.

Hampshire police have confirmed that they had been informed of the forgeries and have launched an investigation.


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