Saved from the flames

Eight people were rescued by firefighters after a fire at a block of flats in Crawley.

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Eight people evacuated

Eight people, including two children, were rescued by fire crews after a fire at a block of flats in Crawley. West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service was called to the flats on Broadfield Place just after 7.00am after a fire broke out in the communal stairwell of the three-storey block.

Two separate 999 calls were made by people trapped in their flats by the thick smoke filling the stairwell. Fire crews from Crawley were at the flats within minutes, followed by additional crews from Horley and Horsham.

The first firefighters on scene used triple extension ladders to rescue five people from the first floor windows, while a further three people were led to safety through the central stairwell. One man in his 20s was treated for mild smoke inhalation but did not go to hospital.


Rescued from a burning building

At least six people had to be rescued from a block of flats in Crawley after a fire in a stairwell trapped them inside the building.

Fire investigation officers from West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are looking into the cause of the blaze.

Six fire crews went to the flats in Broadfield Place in Crawley after they received two calls from residents in the building just after 7am today, 27th November 2012.

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