Fred's tribute to Patrick Moore

Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore died today aged 89, a group of his friends and staff said.

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Charity reacts to 'cat lover' Moore's death

Patrick Moore, flanked by former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips and Wendy Turner in 1997 at Arthur's Cat Awards Credit: PA

Following the death of Sir Patrick Moore, Sussex charity Cats Protection said: “We were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Sir Patrick.

"A dedicated and lifelong cat lover, Sir Patrick supported Cats Protection in many ways over the years, from donating funds through his book sales to hosting fundraising garden parties at his home in West Sussex on behalf of his local Cats Protection branch.

"He was a special man who had cats at his heart and will be sorely missed by us all.”


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Brian May: Sir Patrick was 'very peaceful in his last hours'

Dr Brian May had been visiting Sir Patrick Moore during his recent illness and yesterday appealing for messages from his Twitter follows to take to the ailing astronomer.

Today he thanked those who had sent Sir Patrick messages and said that he was, 'very peaceful in his last hours':

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'Sir Patrick was broadcasting before we went in to space'

Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock said she had got her first inspiration to look at the night sky from Sir Patrick.

She told BBC News:

He was broadcasting before we actually went into space and he saw a change in our understanding of the universe, and he took us all the way through that, right up until today.

What he did was something very straightforward, he would tell us what to look for and where to look for it and for budding astronomers everywhere that is what we need, that information.

But he would tell us more, he would go into depth, he would take us on a journey through space and we can't ask for better than that really.

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