Sinister audio from kidnap tape

Police have released dramatic audio of an armed robber carrying out a kidnapping in Hampshire. Officers held an open meeting to reassure the public - in what's normally a peaceful area - that they are doing all they can to catch the man.

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Armed robber 'gives personal details'

Detectives release vital clues about New Forest armed robber. In conversation the offender mentioned to first victim, on December 5th, that he had lost his business five years earlier. In second incident on December 14th, the offender mentioned to his female victim that he had a wife and child.

Detectives are also aware that a short wheel-based Land Rover with a canvas back travelled in the same direction as the Porsche as the offender sped off after leaving his victim stranded in a car park near Rhinefield House. The abandoned Porsche was then found on Sway Road close to Brockenhurst.

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