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Amanda Piper brings you a first look at what's happening in the Meridian region this Friday morning.

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A round up of the news this Friday with Amanda Piper. The latest weather comes from Helen Plint. Today's headlines:- Flood Alert - Seven severe warnings are still in place across the region as people begin the clear up from yesterday's heavy rain.

In some places half a months rainfall fell in just 24 hours. Eighty homes in the Hampshire village of Wallington had to be evacuated when flood defences began to crack. 76 flood alerts are still in place, some in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Passengers Trapped - Fire crews went to the aid of commuters stuck on a train heading to Brighton when a cable fire caused a major signal failure. Trains were cancelled between Brighton and Haywards Heath.

Shortest Day - People gathered at Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain to celebrate the Winter Solstice. The sun rose this morning at 8:09am and will set this afternoon just before four o'clock.

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