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The Bexhill-based insurance broker 'Hastings Direct' has announced it will create 85 new jobs.

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Hastings Direct creates 85 new jobs

Further to its January announcement of 200 new jobs being created in 2013, insurance broker Bexhill-based Hastings Direct has just announced the creation of an additional 85 new roles. The company recently announced an 18% increase in customers in 2012.

We have ambitious plans to serve three million customers by 2020 and we are on track to achieve this. I am delighted to be able to announce another 85 new jobs in addition to the 200 we have already created this year.

– Gary Hoffman, CEO, Hastings Direct


Hastings Direct insurance firm to create 200 new jobs

The Bexhill-based insurance broker 'Hastings Direct' is to create 200 jobs this year. The posts will range from entry level positions to senior management roles.

The firm said it will be able to expand because of growth from its car, van, bike and home insurance products.

“At Hastings we are single-minded in our ambition to build a UK business success story, which is a great place to work. In recent years the business has grown rapidly from 300,000 customers in February 2009 to over the one million we serve today. We are already one of the largest employers in East Sussex, but we have ambitious plans to serve three million customers by 2020 and these 200 extra staff will help us realise this goal.”

– Gary Hoffman, CEO, Hastings Direct

"I am absolutely delighted to congratulate Hastings Direct on its growing success. Their announcement of seeking to recruit an additional 200 staff is a tremendous sign of confidence in UK plc. With over a million new jobs created in the private sector since May 2010, it is clear that despite the difficult economic environment, there are real growth opportunities out there for quality companies like Hastings Direct.

"I will be working with them to do all I can to ensure Eastbourne and Willingdon residents take up as many of these posts as possible."

– Stephen Lloyd MP, Eastbourne (Lib Dem)
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