Kite surfer rescued by lifeboat

A kite surfer has been rescued from rough seas off the Sussex coast by an RNLI lifeboat crew in Littlehampton.

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Kite surfer rescued by RNLI lifeboat crew

A kite surfer was given first aid by a lifeboat crew after he was rescued from rough seas and gale force winds. The Littlehampton RNLI crew were called out at about 2pm on Saturday after the kite surfer got into trouble. The 31-year-old had been in the water for about 40 minutes when he was found.

The crew administered first aid and helped him get warmed up, before an ambulance took him to Worthing Hospital. Lifeboat operations manager Nick White said: "The sea conditions were at the high end of the scale in which we can operate safely.

"Brad, the gentlemen we rescued, came to the boathouse the following morning to thank the crew; he knew how lucky he was to be rescued after spending so long in the water in those conditions."

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