Vauxhall crash pilot from Berks

The pilot of the helicopter which crashed in London lived in Berkshire.

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Crash pilot worked on major films

In a wide-ranging UK career spanning 18 years, Pete Barnes had done everything from fly air ambulances to working as a pilot on adverts.

The Berkshire pilot of the helicopter which crashed in central London had thousands of hours of flying experience including work for films such as Die Another Day and Saving Private Ryan.

Captain Pete Barnes, from Mortimer near Reading, who died when the helicopter he was flying hit a crane on a high building and crashed onto a street in Vauxhall, had amassed around 9,000 hours of flying time - including 3,500 hours on the type of craft he was piloting today.

In a wide-ranging UK career spanning 18 years, he had done everything from flying air ambulances to working as a pilot on adverts, TV programmes and films including the James Bond film Die Another Day, Saving Private Ryan and Tomb Raider II.

In 2004 he helped to rescue a motorist from a flooded ford in County Durham, while working for the Great North Air Ambulance. He also flew the Newcastle Traffic & Travel helicopter as the Voice of Metro FM and worked as a helicopter instructor.

Mr Barnes originally worked as a ski instructor and guide in Europe after completing his business studies degree, before going into advertising. But he later moved to the US to train as a helicopter pilot, earning a US Commercial and Instructor's Licence flying helicopters.



PM to look at regulations for helicopters

The scene at Vauxhall. The helicopter pilot came from Berkshire Credit: ITV News

Prime Minister David Cameron said the rules for helicopter flights over central London would need to be carefully looked at following this morning's fatal crash.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, he also paid tribute to the "brave and professional" response of the emergency services to the crash in Vauxhall, central London, after a commercial helicopter hit a crane on a high-rise building.

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