The Great Freeze - 50 years on

50 years on from the Great Freeze of 1963, we'll be sharing some of your memories and pictures of the worst winter for two centuries.

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The Great Freeze of 1963

Well, there's no doubt the snow has made getting about difficult for many over the last few days. But it is thawing out now.

Imagine though if the arctic conditions went on for more than two months!

Well that's what happened fifty years ago. The winter of 1963 was the worst for two centuries and many of you remember it well, as Malcolm Shaw reports.


Your memories of the Great Freeze

We've been asking for your memories of the Great Freeze of 1963. Where were you? What were you doing?

Janette Ballard and her husband were driving from Nottingham back to Bournemouth and when they got home the water in their toilet was frozen!

Eileen gave birth to her daughter on 31st January at home because she couldn't get to Farnborough Hospital.

Susan Beale remembers walking on the frozen sea in Margate.

Roy from Winchester was a bus driver at the time and remembers the snow being 14ft - taller than his double decker bus!

Jane from Bexhill remembers digging out of the house and through the garden to get to her shed.

Remembering the Great Freeze

If you thought this current cold snap was bad, think again!

On ITV News Meridian this evening, we'll be looking back at the Big Freeze of 1963, when houses were buried under snow and the sea even froze!

We'll be sharing your memories and photos so keep an eye out for them on our website throughout the day.

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