Man rescued in gas explosion

Firefighters have rescued a man from his home in Portsmouth after a gas explosion that blew his front windows out into the street.

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Man in 90s rescued after gas explosion

Firefighters have rescued a man in his nineties from his home after a gas explosion so strong that it blew out his front windows.

Crews were called to Waldon Road in Portsmouth at just after 8 o'clock this morning. The senior citizen was passed over to the South Central Ambulance Service after initial first aid treatment. The fire was put out by 9am.

Southern Gas have visited the property to investigate the cause of the explosion.

" The gas within the property has now been isolated, but because of the flying debris a neighbour's window was broken, however, nobody was hurt. Crew reacted quickly to the incident and put the fire out in good time, ensuring that the scene was safe for all."

– Station Manager Andy Lock, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service
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