Cameron in Eastleigh again

The Prime Minister David Cameron is in Hampshire campaigning in the Eastleigh by-election for the second time this week.

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Cameron back again for Eastleigh by-election

David Cameron has been back to Eastleigh for the second time in two weeks. With one week to go until the town's by-election all the political parties and candidates are making sure they're seen and heard by voters.

While The Prime Minister chose a telecom cables company to comunicate his message - Labour's Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg - adressed a somewhat younger audience. Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby has more.


Cameron campaigns in Eastleigh again

The Prime Minister is campaigning in Eastleigh again for the upcoming by-election Credit: ITV Meridian

The Prime Minister David Cameron is in Eastleigh for the second time this week, campaigning in the upcoming by-election. The PM was holding a question and answer session with workers at Prysmian in the town. He was there to support Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings.

The other candidates are: Labour - John O'Farrell; Liberal Democrats - Mike Thornton; UK Independence Party - Diane James; National Health Action - Iain MacLennan; Peace Party - Jim Duggan; Independent - Danny Stupple; English Democrats - Mike Walters ...

Monster Raving Loony Party - Alan Hope; Wessex Regionalists - Colin Bex; Elvis Loves Pets - David Bishop; The Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party - Ray Hall; Christian Party - Kevin Milburn; Trade Unionists and Socialists - Daz Procter.

The by-election takes place on 28 February 2013. Read more about the Eastleigh by-election by clicking here.

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