Cameron in Eastleigh again

The Prime Minister David Cameron is in Hampshire campaigning in the Eastleigh by-election for the second time this week.

Cameron back again for Eastleigh by-election

David Cameron has been back to Eastleigh for the second time in two weeks. With one week to go until the town's by-election all the political parties and candidates are making sure they're seen and heard by voters.

While The Prime Minister chose a telecom cables company to comunicate his message - Labour's Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg - adressed a somewhat younger audience. Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby has more.


Cameron campaigns in Eastleigh again

Prime Minister Cameron at Prysmian
The Prime Minister is campaigning in Eastleigh again for the upcoming by-election Credit: ITV Meridian

The Prime Minister David Cameron is in Eastleigh for the second time this week, campaigning in the upcoming by-election. The PM was holding a question and answer session with workers at Prysmian in the town. He was there to support Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings.

The other candidates are: Labour - John O'Farrell; Liberal Democrats - Mike Thornton; UK Independence Party - Diane James; National Health Action - Iain MacLennan; Peace Party - Jim Duggan; Independent - Danny Stupple; English Democrats - Mike Walters ...

Monster Raving Loony Party - Alan Hope; Wessex Regionalists - Colin Bex; Elvis Loves Pets - David Bishop; The Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party - Ray Hall; Christian Party - Kevin Milburn; Trade Unionists and Socialists - Daz Procter.

The by-election takes place on 28 February 2013. Read more about the Eastleigh by-election by clicking here.