Army review: good and bad news

The Defence Secretary has announced that an army barracks in Kent will close as part of a defence review. More troops will be added to Salisbury Plain and Aldershot.

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Army bases review: "Good news for Aldershot"

This is good news for Aldershot. The Basing plan not only bringsincreased investment to the area by the MoD, but also learning where units and families will be based in the coming years will give them the certainty they need to plan their futures.

– Brigadier Neil Baverstock, Commander 145 Brigade

£100 million to develop Aldershot army bases

About £100 million poundswill be spent to develop Army bases in Aldershot as part of plans to bring British troops home from Germany, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced today. Details of the investment in new bases and accommodation were set out in the Army Basing Plan.

The £100m being spent in Aldershot is part of £1.8 billion of investment being spent across the UK.

The new basing plan will make the best use of the Defence estate and provide better accommodation and facilities for our troops and their families.

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