Tidal defence scheme underway

Work begins on a flood defence scheme in Sandwich in Kent today.

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Flood protection scheme starts in Sandwich

Flood defence work has started in Sandwich to protect homes and businesses on the former Pfizer business park.

Some areas of Sandwich currently have a one in 20 chance of tidal flooding every year. The new scheme is intended to improve and raise defences on the banks of the River Stour.

Cllr Paul Carter, the leader of Kent County Council, and Andrew Pearce from the Environment Agency, explained why the scheme was so important.

Work to stop water damage

Flooded road Credit: PA

The £20 million flood defence scheme will reduce the risk of tidal flooding to Sandwich and Stonar Loop. Currently there;s a 1 in 20 chance of tidal flooding for some properties in the area. The new tidal defence scheme will provide a 1 in 200 standard protection to more than 500 properties.


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