Election for new mayor

An election will take place in Oxford today for a new mayor after the last one following controversy over alleged inappropriate remarks he made to a teenager.

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Council's finding on former mayor

The standards committee for Oxford City Council carried out an investigation earlier this year into alleged comments made by Councillor Alan Armitage while he was still mayor. They censured him and said it was "highly probable" he had made the comments to a member of an under 13s sports team.

But they did not say he had to resign. They said the remark was "inappropriate and disrespectful" and was a breach of the code of conduct he was expected to follow.

As the Lord Mayor attended the Awards Evening in his official capacity the Committee also concluded that the inappropriate remark had brought both the office of Lord Mayor and the City Council into disrepute. The Committee therefore decided that there had been a breach of paragraph 5 (you must not conduct yourself in a manner which could reasonably be regarded as bringing your office or authority into disrepute) of the Code.

– Oxford City Council statement

They said they agreed with independent advice that: "there was no reason why Councillor Armitage should not continue to undertake the full range of his mayoral duties and noted that Councillor Armitage had given an indication that he would do so. The matter is now closed.”


Meeting to elect new mayor

There will a meeting today to elect a new Lord Mayor for Oxford after the previous mayor resigned. Councillor Alan Armitage resigned following the backlash over comments he allegedly made to a schoolgirl. He said he did not recall using the word "sexy" at a school prize-giving event.

But Oxford City Council said it was "highly probable" that he did. An investigation by a local government standards committee found had brought the council and the office of Lord Mayor into disrepute. He was censured, but the committee did not say he should resign as mayor.

However, Councillor Armitage later resigned, saying he did not have the full support of his councillors. There will be a meeting in the council chamber of Oxford Town Hall to elect a new mayor.

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