Protests over 'bedroom tax'

Protests have been taking place across the region against Government plans for a new "bedroom tax" that will cut benefits to people with spare rooms.

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Protest in Oxford over 'bedroom tax'

Protest marches have been held across the region against the government's controversial new changes to housing benefit.

Campaigners claim the poor, disabled and vulnerable will be hit hardest by what they're calling a bedroom tax which is due to come into effect next month.

Rallies have been held in Southampton, Hastings, Dover, Brighton, Crawley, Weymouth, Maidstone and Oxford from where Richard Slee reports.

'Bedroom tax' protest in Oxford

Up to 200 people have attended a protest in Oxford over the Government's plans for a new 'bedroom tax'. The new rules will dock the housing benefit of tenants with a spare room.

The government says the change is necessary to cut the benefits bill and free up social housing for those that need it but many of those affected say they can't afford to pay.

Rallies have also been held in Southampton, Hastings, Dover, Brighton, Crawley, Weymouth and Maidstone.


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