Illegal immigrants found in van

Seven illegal immigrants have been stopped from entering the UK after Border Force officers found them hidden in a van at Calais heading for Dover.

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People smugglers 'prey on the desperate' - Border Force

Those involved in people smuggling prey on the desperation of others in order to line their own pockets and are a major factor in illegal immigration to the UK.

This incident shows why we base Border Force staff in France - to stop would-be illegal immigrants before they can reach the UK and to target those engaged in people smuggling.

– Paul Morgan, Border Force Director for South East & Europe

Polish driver convicted by French court

Officers selected the German-registered van which was carrying insulation boards for further examination.

A heart beat detector gave a positive reading and officers carried out a detailed search during which they found a concealed box.

After forcing open the box, they discovered it contained lighting, fans and seven Sri Lankan immigrants.

The 51-year-old driver of the van appeared before the French courts where he was jailed for four months for facilitating people smuggling.


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