Welfare reforms: will they work?

We launch a special series - starting with the woman who is packing her bags because she can't afford the extra £14 a week it will cost her to stay in her home.

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  1. Christine Alsford

Widow packs her bags

A widow who was told she would need to pay an extra £14 per week to stay in her home, is packing the last of her belongings and moving out.

Under government welfare reforms, her two bedroom bungalow is judged to have more space than she needs. So she's having to move out before her housing benefit is cut back.

Thousands of people in the South say the so called "Bedroom Tax" is unfair. But isn't it just as unfair to expect others to spend months and years on waiting lists in cramped and overcrowded conditions?

With 250,000 households living in overcrowded rented accommodation, can you tell the other side of the story? If so email christine.alsford@itv.com.

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