Young carers launch DVD

A group of young carers from Bournemouth has produced a DVD showing the issues they face when caring for sick or disabled relatives.

Supporters praise DVD launch

Supporters have praised the launch of a DVD put together by a group of young carers from Dorset. The "Life as we know it" DVD shows the issues they face while caring for sick or disabled relatives.

Projects like these highlight the issues that young carers go through every day. These are strong young people who did not choose to become carers, but have taken on the role admirably. We are pleased to have been able to support the putting together of this DVD."

– Chris Wakefield from Bournemouth LINks

I have been part of the young carers project for eight years. Caring for a little brother with autism has meant that I have had to grow up quicker than others and realise the responsibilities that I have. Being able to attend a young carers group where everyone else understands what you are going through gives us the opportunities that we would otherwise miss out on."

– Star Edwards, 16, Bournemouth


How to help young carers

A group of young carers from Bournemouth have produced a DVD showing the issues and challenges they face in their caring role. Since January 2013, 19 young people aged between 13 and 19 have been meeting weekly to complete the project, which they planned, filmed and produced themselves.

The DVD, commissioned by Bournemouth LINks, gave young people with caring responsibilities a chance to describe the daily challenges they face. A young carer is anyone aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem.

The DVD gives information and advice to young people that might be unidentified young carers, as well as tips for professionals that work with young carers. It will be distributed to schools and youth centres in Bournemouth to educate young people and professionals about young carers.