Reading station re-opens

Rail commuters will once again be able to catch trains from Reading after the station was closed for refurbishments this bank holiday weekend.

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Train company's statement on Reading delays

First Great Western has released a statement on its website apologising for the disruption at Reading Station today. A full timetable for tomorrow will be posted shortly.

Delays to some services in the Thames Valley this morning were related to a number of problems. These problems were compounded by the very limited capacity at Reading station, while improvement work continues, which had a greater affect on our ability to recover quickly from otherwise relatively small delays than originally thought.We worked hard with Network Rail to minimise the delays, but it quickly became clear that the number of trains we were trying to operate through the area was affecting our ability to get our services back on track as quickly as we would have liked."

– First Great Western, statement

Having re-looked at our plans with Network Rail and other train operating companies this afternoon, we've revised our special timetable for the remainder of the week. This will reduce the chance of congestion in the area and make sure our services are as robust as possible while Network Rail continues its important improvement work. We will keep the situation under constant review throughout the day and the remainder of the week. Full details will be available on our website shortly."

– First Great Western

The operator said it knew there might be difficulties for some customers but they were confident their plans would deliver a more reliable service for the majority. It said it would make every effort to let people know about the changes and apologised for any convenience.

First Great Western said its timetable would resume once Network Rail had completed their work on 8th April 2013.


Further delays after Reading refurb

This morning trains were late and cancelled after the extended work, a signal failure and a broken down train. With trains and crew in the wrong place it has taken the company all day to recover and there are still delays tonight.

Some drivers cannot work because they have gone over the hours they allowed to be in the cab for health and safety reasons. More details of the changes will be announced shortly.

Services halved as work runs late

Rail passengers will face a second day of disruption tomorrow after engineering work to complete the first first phase of Reading's new £900m station ran late. On some routes only half the expected service will run with places like Oxford having one train an hour to London rather than two.

We are very sorry for the disruption to our customers. We are doing everything possible to provide the best possible service our passengers deserve. At the end of this they will have a station and network which both they and us can be proud of. We are working as hard a possible to ensure we deliver the best possible service for our passengers."

– Dan Panes, First Great Western

Managers at First Great Western have spent this evening doing all they can to try to resolve the issue and put in place a service that will work for the morning.

Half the tracks at Reading are closed to allow more work on the station upgrade to continue until next Monday.

Problems began after work to upgrade the station were late by almost an hour. It led to delays and cancellations in both the morning and evening rush hour. £900m is being spent on a new station and five extra platform on the most congested part of the network.

Meeting over rail disruption

Train planners at Reading meeting now to sort out disruption.

We were not able to recover as we would have liked this morning. We are looking at how we can reduce these problems for the rest of the week. It could well be we run fewer services than expected during the next few days. Our planners are meeting now and we will issue an update soon. "

– Dan Panes, First Great Western

Problems return at Reading station

Train services through Reading Station are in chaos tonight and there could be problems tomorrow.

It follows disruption this morning when engineering works overran to allow the opening of the first phase of the new £900m station. A broken down train and signal problems added to the disruption.

It has now been revealed that because trains were left in the wrong place some drivers can no longer work trains because they would be in breach safety rules to limit how long they can spend in the cab.

Trains to Newbury, Paddington, Basingstoke and Oxford have been hit with cancellations.

Part of the station remains closed to allow for more work but it appears that too many trains have been timetables to run than than the station can cope with.

Managers are meeting tonight to consider reducing the planned service for tomorrow.


Trains delayed at Reading Station

There are major delays and cancellations at Reading station this morning after the weekend engineering works overran. Services are running but many are late.

The station had been closed for four days to allow work to be completed on the first phase of the new station. A broken down train near Pangbourne is adding to the problems.

Major delays at Reading station

Major delays and cancellations at Reading after the weekend engineering works over ran.

Services are running but many are late.

The station had been closed for four days to allow work to be completed for the first phase of the new station to open.

Services are now running but delays continue.

A broken down train near Pangbourne is adding to the problems.

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