NHS changes from today

Changes to way the NHS provides health services began today. Earlier we spoke to one of the GPs who will be running 30 commissioning groups in our region.

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Commissioning groups replace PCTs

If you went to the doctors today you were one of the first to experience the coalition Government's new plans for the NHS. The biggest change is the abolition of Primary Care Trusts. The trusts funded GPs and other medical services. Now the work they did is being done directly by doctors.

Groups of GPs have banded together to become Clinical Commissioning Groups. They decide how to spend funds on local health services. One of the Government's aims is to also get more private sector companies and charities involved in providing health services.

Not everyone is convinced this is a good idea. Earlier we spoke to Dr Sarah Schofield who is a GP near Southampton and will be running one of the thirty new clinical commissioning groups in our region. We asked her how the care we receive will change.

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