Margaret Thatcher dies of stroke

Baroness Thatcher died this morning following a stroke, her spokesman Lord Bell said.

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First Minister: Margaret Thatcher a 'major force' in politics

Margaret Thatcher was a major force in British political life who undoubtedly had a significant influence on the political, social and economic landscape in Wales and the UK.

"There's no doubt about her personal achievement as the first woman to become British Prime Minister. Her place in the history books is assured.

– First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones,


Reading MP's tribute to Thatcher

Rob Wilson MP for Reading East said: "My condolences go to the family and friends of Baroness Thatcher, it is dreadful to hear this news.

"This is the passing of one of the huge political figures of the 20th century. She can rightfully be ranked alongside Reagan and Gorbachev internationally.

"She played an instrumental role in bringing down the Berlin Wall and defeating Communism in Eastern Europe and freeing millions of people.

"Churchill was a great and inspirational war time leader, but Mrs Thatcher was pre-eminent amongst the peace time Prime Ministers.

"She changed the terms of economic debate, rolled back the state and told the country about the harsh economic realities it faced. Some loved and admired her, others didn’t, but history will be extraordinarily kind to her as I told her on a number of occasions."



Tributes pour in for Thatcher


Lady Thatcher our only ever woman Prime Minister whether loved or loathed she achieved the highest political office against all odds. #RIP


Sad to hear about Thatcher. She was a pioneer for women in politics and changed the face of Britain.


Very sad to learn of the death of Baroness Thatcher. Inspirational Prime Minister who did great things for this nation.


Tributes to a 'towering figure and brilliant Prime Minister'


So sad to hear of Margaret Thatcher's death. She was a towering figure and a brilliant Prime Minister who did great things for this country.


RIP Margaret Thatcher. A great PM, as history already shows.


Very sad to hear of the death of Lady Thatcher. She was a great leader. Governed in the national interest - not self interest. Huge legacy


Westminster mourns loss of Thatcher


Very sad news that Baroness Thatcher has passed away. Inspirational Prime Minister and Conservative Leader. Great loss.


Sad news about Baroness Thatcher. Don't miss her policies but a towering figure in 20th c British politics, & made history UK's 1st woman PM


Very sad to hear of the death of former Prime Minster, Baroness Thatcher. My thoughts are with her family. Rest in Peace.

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