Double yellows in an alleyway!

Two sets of double yellow lines have been painted in a four feet wide alley in Swindon. The borough council says contractors are to blame.

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Could you park in this street?

It's too narrow to drive down - but double yellow lines have been painted on this alleyway in Swindon. There's a gap of just 13 inches between the lines in the lane off Newhall Street. Swindon Borough Council say they will be taking the matter up with their contractors.

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Swindon sees red over double yellow lines

Double yellow lines have appeared in this alley off Newhill Street in Swindon Credit: ITV News West Country

Council workers have painted two sets of double yellow lines along an alley in Swindon, which is just four feet wide.

Swindon Borough Council says it was done by contractors working on its behalf to stop illegal parking in alleyways.

Locals say it's stupid and a waste of money.


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