Vince, a cable and a high pole

A cat called Vince has been rescued after getting stuck at the top of a 40-feet pole carrying high voltage power lines.

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Vince's escape from a live cable

Vince enjoys some attention back on the ground Credit: RSPCA

Vince is being pampered after his ordeal, inches from high voltage power cables in Surrey. Engineers put up a long ladder to bring back Vince down to earth. He's been eating and enjoying cat naps since his the occasional power nap.

Vince rescued after 24-hour ordeal on power cables

Vince, perched precariously at the top of the pole Credit: RSPCA

Vince the cat has been rescued after spending 24 hours at the top of a 40-foot pole carrying high voltage power lines at Oxted in Surrey. The cat's owners contacted the RSPCA who managed to rescue two-year-old Vince with the expert help of engineers.

Power workers rescued Vince Credit: RSPCA

Vince endured heavy rain and hail showers before being carried carefully back to the ground.


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