Health officials close restaurant

Environmental health officers have closed a city centre restaurant after finding it infested by mice.

Court orders restaurant's closure

Southampton City Council successfully applied for a hygiene emergency prohibition order closing the premises until the health risk has been removed.

The premises will remain closed until the environmental health officer is satisfied that the health risk has been removed. Cllr Asa Thorpe, the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, said:

“It is not acceptable for restaurants to be infested with mice and the Council’s environmental health officers will take robust action to protect customers where a food business operator fails to satisfy such basic hygiene requirements.”

– Cllr Asa Thorpe, Southampton City Council

Southampton restaurant closed after diners spot mice

Environmental health officers visited The Lounge at 56 High Street in Southampton after receiving a complaint from a customer. They said they had seen mice in the restaurant.

Mouse droppings were found throughout the kitchen and were present on surfaces used to prepare food. The restaurant was immediately closed due to the health risk presented to customers.