Virgin Galactic at speed of sound

Sir Richard Branson has tweeted that his Virgin Galactic space plane has broken the speed of sound for the first time. The British billionaire who lives in Oxfordshire describes it as a 'momentous day' for space travel.

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Space travel a step closer says Sir Richard

Branson's joy as sound is barrier beaten by Virgin Galactic

The picture on Sir Richard Branson's blog as he celebrated the news today Credit: Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard was with the ground team in the Mojave Desert in New Mexico to witness what he describes as 'the single most important flight test to date' for Virgin Galactic space travel programme. Two key elements of their spaceflight system came together today. The spacecraft and its rocket motor.

Both had been extensively on their own over several years, this was the first time they'd been tested together. Sir Richard praised the work of the team working on the project to reach this milestone.


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