Council 'Rich List' revealed

The TaxPayers' Alliance has published a list of councils who pay their staff more than £100,000. Kent County Council is one of them.

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Unison say Councils should 'stop wasting money'

Twenty-eight thousand local government workers earn just £6.30 per hour. Their family budgets are at breaking point...

We know that council budgets are tight but they do have other choices; stop wasting money on expensive consultants, ploughing cash into reserves or wasting public money on privatisation.

More than 250,000 job losses in the sector mean those left behind are working harder than ever to keep local services running. After years of poverty pay, they deserve a decent pay rise this year."

– Heather Wakefield, Unison's head of local government

Overall number of highly-paid staff has fallen

It is good news that the number of senior council staff making more than £100,000 a year is finally falling, although that may only be because many authorities have finished paying eye-watering redundancy bills.

Sadly, too many local authorities are still increasing the number of highly-paid staff on their payroll, some of whom are given hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation just to move from one public sector job to another."

– Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive, TaxPayers' Alliance


Kent County Council appears on 'rich list'

Kent County Council Credit: ITV Meridian

The TaxPayers' Alliance has published new figures that show councils are paying some staff more than £100,000. Kent County Council has appeared on the lastest edition of the town hall 'Rich List'.

Amongst the 10 employees with the highest remuneration across the UK, Kent's Katherine Kerswell was one of them.

The former group managing director's total remuneration between 2011-2012, was £589,165 including £420,000 compensation for loss of office and £29,359 in employer pension contributions.

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