Eurovision: Bonnie sings for UK

Thousands of music fans across the country have been looking forward to this weekend's Eurovision song contest. Bonnie Tyler is representing the UK.

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  1. Mike Pearse

Crowds watch Bonnie in Eurovision dress rehearsal

The scene at the Eurovision Song Contest venue in Sweden Credit: Mike Pearse

Bonnie Tyler has taken part in the final dress rehearsal for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

For the first time all finalists marched into the arena together to open the show.

Bonnie may not win but she is popular among many fans.

Music lovers form the South were among those who cheered her as she arrived. Fans from Wales proudly waved flags as Bonnie entered the arena.

Earlier she told ITV News she had "almost been brought to tears" at the support from fans in the UK.

Eleven thousand people were in the Malmo Arena for the show on Friday night in Sweden. The actual event takes place on Saturday 18th May 2013.

Singer Bonnie Tyler will represent the UK at the Eurovision song contest Credit: Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire
  1. Mike Pearse

Eurovision: Meet Bonnie & her fans from the South

The voting in the Eurovision Song Contest can be predictable and somewhat political, but each year thousands of the region's music fans look forward to the musical competition!

This year the host country is Sweden and the UK is hoping that the Welsh diva Bonnie Tyler will bring home a prize.

Never one to miss the chance of experiencing the eclectic sounds of European pop - ITV Meridian correspondent Mike Pearse caught up with some fans from the South who made the journey to Malmo. He also spoke to the songstress on the day before Eurovision itself.


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