Water company to tackle leaks

Southern Water have released their Water Resources Plan for 2015-2040 to create a more reliable water supply network in our region.

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Consultation over water supply

South East Water is inviting customers to have their say on plans to secure water supplies in Sussex.

Two public exhibitions have been planned to show customers how the recently published Water Resources Management Plan will affect them.

The exhibitions are being held on June 4, between 12-8pm, at Arlington Village Hall in East Sussex and June 21, 12-8pm, at South Heighton Village Hall in Newhaven.

The company will also show how it proposes to meet the growing demand for water between 2015 and 2040.

Everyone who uses water has a part to play in helping to ensure that there is a secure, sustainable supply of water in the future.

We want to share our proposals with our customers to ensure that their views can be properly considered and taken into account in the final plan, which is expected to be published in early 2014.

– Paul Seeley, Asset Director at South East Water

Southern Water to tackle leaks to prevent shortages

Southern Water say they will do more to tackle leaks and invest in new ways to re-use water to prevent shortages in the South East of England.

The company is looking to extend the regional network in the South East to secure future water supplies for the next 25 years.

Southern Water will now carry out a three month public consultation on the Water Resources Management Plan for 2015-2040 to find out what customers think.


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