Rock smashes train window

First Great Western services were disrupted after people threw a rock from a bridge which smashed through the driver's window.

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Transport Police appeal after train driver injured

British Transport Police have issued an urgent appeal for information after a driver was injured when someone threw 'an object' which smashed his window.

This was an incredibly irresponsible and dangerous act, which resulted in a train driver being injured.

It is beyond belief that anyone could throw objects at moving trains and we need to trace those responsible before their actions result in serious harm to rail staff or passengers.

If you were in the area at the time and saw anyone acting suspiciously, or know anything about the incident, then please get in touch as a matter of urgency.

– Detective Constable Trevor Wilson, British Transport Police

First Great Western: 'Driver had a lucky escape'

A spokesman for First Great Western trains has told ITV News Meridian that it was a 'miracle' that the driver was not more badly injured when a rock smashed through his window.

On the stretch of track that the train was driving along, the trains can go up to 85 miles-per-hour. I'm not exactly sure what speed the train was doing but it was enough that the object completely obliterated the driver's window. I'd hate to think what would have happend if the train had been going at full speed. The driver and the passengers had a very lucky escape. Understandibly the driver is very upset by the experience.

– First Great Western spokesman


Train driver injured after 'rock' thrown from bridge

First Great Western Trains say that one of their drivers suffered serious cuts and bruises to his face after an object the size of a brick was thrown from a bridge.

The 'rock' smashed through the driver's window as the train made its way from Romsey to Salisbury.

The Portsmouth to Cardiff service was delayed by an hour. A doctor on board the train treated the injured driver and a South West Trains driver stepped in to take the locamotive to Salisbury.

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