Rescue from fire in student halls

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has rescued a student from a tower block after a major fire at a halls of resident in Southampton.

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Hants Fire: 'Quick action stopped the fire'

Hampshire Fire and Rescue service has praised students for responding so quickly to alarms, after a fire broke out on the 12th floor of an apartment block.

A significant fire had broken out in the kitchen of the flat and on discovering there was a person unaccounted for we quickly carried out a search operation to locate and lead the casualty to safety. Our positive and prompt firefighting action then stopped the fire spreading beyond the kitchen.

– Group Manager Dave Turner, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters rescue student from halls fire

A female student has been rescued from a fire after a blaze at a student accomodation block in Southampton.

Crews were called to the sixteen floor Liberty Quays complex after the fire alarms went off at just before five o'clock this morning.

Upon arrival it was discovered that one student was missing. Firefighters located her and evacuated her from the 12th floor.

The fire involved a sofa in the communal kitchen of the flat on the 12th floor and it was quickly extinguished.


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