Patrols upped after Woolwich

Kent Police says it is providing a visible presence in communities across Kent to ensure that people across the county are safe, following the incident in Woolwich, South East London.

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Kent police to continue high visibility patrols this weekend

Kent Police will continue to provide a high visibility presence and liaise with community groups across the county over the weekend following the incident in Woolwich on Wednesday.

Community Liaison Officers as well as neighbourhood teams have been in regular contact with community groups to keep them updated.

Officers will continue to patrol key locations both on foot and in vehicles over the course of the weekend.

We have good working relationships with a number of community groups all over the county and we are working with these, and are attending community events and places of worship regularly.I would again reiterate that there is no intelligence to suggest any direct threat to anyone in Kent. We will continue to patrol potentially vulnerable locations to ensure the safety of everyone in Kent.

– Assistant Chief Constable Gary Beautridge, Kent Police

I am liaising and attending meetings with Kent Police on a regular basis and I, in turn, have actively engaged with many representatives and leaders in the community to ensure that people know what is happening, why police are present around the county and how officers are working with us to ensure our safety.The feedback from people has been really positive, they are pleased with the police approach and their commitment to keep us all safe.’

– Barry Coppock, Chair of the Strategic Independent Advisory Group

Hampshire County Council statement after Woolwich attack

Hampshire County Council has issued a statement following the death of a soldier in Woolwich on Wednesday. Councillor Roy Perry was one of the founding co-chairmen of Hampshire's Interfaith Network.

I know from my many good contacts with Muslims in Hampshire formed since we created the Interfaith Network, that they are just as appalled as people of all other faiths at the terrible murder of the young serviceman in Woolwich. Sadly all religions including Christianity have people who distort their faith and do unacceptable things supposedly in the name of their religion as we saw in Northern ireland for instance.

– Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council

The councillor added:

I am confident the good and peaceful inter community relations we have in Hampshire and which we have worked collectively to achieve, means this appalling incident will not detract from the peace and harmony we enjoy in our county. I thank our local Imams for their leadership and their clear statements of condemnation of the perpetrators of this act.

– Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council


"No direct threat" - Kent Police

Kent Police say that although there is no intelligence to suggest any direct threat to anyone living in the county, it has deployed additional resources across the region to provide a presence in potentially vulnerable communities.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Beautridge said: "We are working with local communities and partners whilst the Metropolitan Police investigate the full circumstances around this incident.

"We are providing high visibility policing in areas across Kent and would appeal for people to stay calm and work with us to ensure the safety of everyone in our county."

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