Video of BA plane emergency

London Heathrow has temporarily closed both runways after a BA flight had to make an emergency landing.

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First video of plane in emergency landing at Heathrow

At this stage it is believed a bird strike may caused the incident. A plume of smoke could be seen from the side of the aircraft as it flew back to Heathrow for the emergency landing. The plane had been on its way to Oslo but a technical fault developed.


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BA did an 'awesome job'


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More than 20 emergency service vehicles surround plane

These photos show the latest scenes from Heathrow Airport where emergency workers are securing a plane that was forced to make an emergency landing.

The photo below, which was tweeted by a man claiming to have been a passenger on that flight, shows the left jet engine exposed.

The British Airways flight with inflatable slides deployed Credit: David Gallagher/PA Wire

More than 20 emergency vehicles are visible surrounding the British Airways flight.

A British Airways plane surrounded by emergency vehicles after it had to make an emergency landing at Heathrow airport Credit: Martin Keene/PA Wire
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BA: Plane made emergency landing after 'technical fault'

British Airways said it will carry out a "full investigation" after one of its planes was forced to return to Heathrow Airport following a "technical fault".

The airline is urging all its passengers to check their flight status:

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'Heavy delays' expected at Heathrow throughout day

The southern runway has reopened at Heathrow Airport but "heavy delays" are expected throughout the day, Eurocontrol, Europe's air navigation safety watchdog, said:

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British Airways: Plane was carrying 75 passengers

British Airways has released the following statement regarding its flight that was forced to make an emergency landing:

BA 762 Heathrow to Oslo returned back to Heathrow shortly after take off due to a technical fault. Aircraft was an Airbus AC19 carrying 75 passengers.

Aircraft landed safely, emergency slides were deployed. Emergency services attended the aircraft. BA is currently carrying out a full investigation.

– british airways
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