Road hogs to face fines

Drivers who hog the middle lane or tailgate other cars face on-the-spot fines of £100 and three points on their licence under plans unveiled today.

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  1. Kate Bunkall

Motorway road hogs & tailgaters face £100 fine

People who hog the middle lane on motorways or tailgate other drivers could be fined £100 if they are spotted by police.

Until now this type of careless driving has gone unpunished because it is difficult to take the cases to court. The authorities hope that on the spot penalties will be enough to encourage motorists to drive more considerately. Kate Bunkall has been looking at the problem.


Tailgaters and road hogs face crackdown

Bad drivers will face fines if the new proposals become law Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Police are also expected to get powers to issue instant fixed penalty notices for not giving way at a junction or using the wrong lane at a roundabout.

Details of crackdown on anti-social motoring are due to be released by the Government in a statement to Parliament this morning.

Until now such activity has generally gone unpunished because of the bureaucracy involved in prosecuting a case.

A motorist has to be stopped by a police officer, a summons issued and evidence presented in court.

Other changes being brought forward by the Government include increasing the fine for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt from £60 to £100.

The fixed penalty for driving without insurance is expected to double from £100 to £200.

The Basingstoke-based AA president Edmund King said: "An increase in the standard motoring fixed penalty fine will help deter those who commit motoring offences including mobile phone use.

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