Thousands of trains are late

A new report by the government regulator the Office of Rail Regulation show that more than 300,000 trains were late in the Meridian region over the past year.

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Network Rail 'we urgently need investment'

Network Rail has welcomed plans by the government to invest more money in rail infrastructure in the South.

It comes as they company is criticised by the rail regulator for not doing enough to ensure trains arrive on time.

Despite historically high levels of punctuality, 2011/12 was the third best on record with almost 91% of all trains on time, we have not met the targets we have been required to deliver.

An unprecedented amount of money has been invested in the network to help improve punctuality and an additional £30m will be spent in the south east in the next 12 months to make further improvements.

– Network Rail statement

Three hundred thousand trains late in Meridian region

Network Rail logo Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

New stricter rules on train punctuality will be announced later after the government regulator announced that 361,000 trains arrive late in the Meridian region last year.

A new report by the Office of Rail Regulation shows that between 91% and 88% of trains run by South West, Southeastern, First Capital Connect, First Great Western and Southern arrived on time in 2012.

The government will unveil more than £12 billion of improvements announced as Network Rail are told to ensure 92.5% of services arrive on time or face heavy fines.

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