Binmen 'mixed recycled waste'

There's been a public apology to the residents of Whitstable after binmen from Serco were filmed mixing their recycled waste.

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Serco say they are investigating the incident

We have begun rolling out a new recycling and waste collection service over the last week for residents in the Canterbury area. Our staff have undergone comprehensive training to understand the changes to the new service and consequently to the way in which they collect waste from households. Unfortunately earlier this week, three collection staff were seen mixing already separated recycling.

– Sean Trotter, Serco’s Lead Contract Manager for Canterbury Environmental services

He added:

We are investigating this incident with the individuals involved and will be taking the appropriate action which may include disciplinary measures. Serco prides itself on delivering the highest customer service. We would like to apologise and reassure residents that this is was an isolated incident and we are working to ensure it does not happen again. We have agreed with the operators of the Materials Recycling Facility that additional steps will be taken to ensure that that all of these materials are recycled.”

– Sean Trotter, Serco’s Lead Contract Manager for Canterbury Environmental services

Council apologises for recycling error

We are shocked and horrified at the footage. A lot of hard work has gone into preparing the new scheme and residents have been diligently separating their rubbish as we asked. To then see this happening is completely unacceptable and we are very sorry.

We are having urgent discussions with Serco to investigate what their staff have done, which we strongly hope is an isolated incident. If there is any disciplinary action or retraining of staff required, we will insist that this happens as a priority. And clearly we will be looking at what we pay Serco in these circumstances."

– Colin Carmichael, Chief Executive of Canterbury City Council


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