Defribillator donated to football club

A defibrillator has been donated to a football club in Ashford after a boy collapsed on the pitch last year.

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Defibrillator donated after young footballer collapses

Galbu Sherpa was just 15 when he suffered a cardiac arrest Credit: SECamb

The successful resuscitation of a young footballer in Kent has led to the donation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to his club in Ashford and training that could help save further lives.

Galbu Sherpa was just 15 when he suddenly collapsed and suffered a cardiac arrest minutes into a match in Ashford last year (2012).

The AED, which shocks the heart during a cardiac arrest, was presented by SECAmb’s paramedic Steve Bingham to Ashford United physio Alan Orsbourne before the match. Emergency Call Advisor Brian Cumming, who took the emergency call for Galbu also attended the presentation.

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