Firefighters' rescue competition

Firefighters from Hampshire will take on 38 fire service and rescue specialists in an annual two day challenge.

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Hampshire firefighters compete

Firefighters compete to practise their specialist skills Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters from Hampshire will today compete in a national rescue competition.

The event will see the fire services race to carry out the specialist tasks.

Lee Harvey, Hampshire's Extrication Team Manager, said: "This is a great opportunity for us to practise our specialist skills and for our firefighters to tackle some of the more unusual situations which they might encounter during their career."

Firefighters will take part in a variety of tasks Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Firefighters battle it out at competition

Hampshire firefighters will take on 38 fire services from across the UK in an annual rescue challenge.

The two day event in Liverpool takes place today and tomorrow (5th and 6th July) and will see teams compete in a number of tasks.

The firefighters will undertake vehicle extrication, trauma care, casualty management, water rescue, rope rescue and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR).

More than 600 competitors are expected to take part in the event staged by Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service and United Kingdom Rescue Organisation.


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